The policy details are in compliance with the legislation in force.

We understand that your health information is of a sensible nature and we take your privacy very seriously. We have strict procedures in place to ensure that the collection, storage and use of your data is handled securely.

Why and when your consent is necessary?

When you are registered as a patient, you will be asked for consent for your personal information storage. Only personal implicated in your case will be authorized to access your personal information. We also advise that at the time of booking that your verbal consent is recorded on your patient health record.

What information do we collect and why?

We believe it is very important that you know what informations we collect from you and why. Below you can find a list of all informations we require:

For a successful opening of a service case, EURO-DOC ON CALL will be needing following informations:

  • First and Last Name, date of birth, gender;
  • Permanent residential address;
  • Current adress;
  • Email address and phone number;
  • In case of underage patients we need a contact person with which contact can be established;
  • Patients native language and other spoken languages;
  • Medical complaints, symptoms and pre-existing conditions;

During the medical visit following information will be required:

  • History of the medical issue
  • Past medical history
  • Medications
  • Social history (e.g conditions that run in the family)
  • Allergy information

All information discussed during your visit, as well as details of any observations (e.g. blood pressure) or examinations (e.g. listening to your chest with a stethoscope) must be recorded on your patient file. We are required to keep an accurate record by law, but more importantly, this record allows for the provision of a complete medical record after the visit.

After the medical house call visit

After the medical visit, your notes will be sent securely to you or to our contractor.

Who has access to your data?

Your data can only be accessed by our stuff. We do not allow any 3rd party access to our Database under any circumstances.

We do not forward information to your GP unless you ask us to.

We only provide referral letters if you must attend the Emergency Department after your consultation with us. In this situation, we will write your referral letter to give to you, or to give to a paramedic crew if an ambulance is required. The referral letter will contain information related to the current consultation. Information from previous consultations will only be included if it is relevant to the current medical situation. Providing a referral letter is important as it allows for a thorough handover for both the paramedics and the hospital doctors, which means important information is not missed and you do not get asked the same questions again.

How do you access your own data?

After the service you will receive a complete medical report with the invoice.

If you believe that personal information, we hold about you is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate, then you may contact us to amend it.

Third-party requests for your data:

We do not provide any information to anybody without your permission. The only exsceptions are when we receive a guarantee of payment from your insurance for the provided service or when we are required by law, or in case of no payment registration then the case will be completely transferred to the legal department.

Use of data for quality assurance and research

EURO – DOC ON CALL do not carry out research.

For Quality Assurance, patient health information may be reviewed by official agencies, without prior consent from patients. For example, an official accreditation agency must review our patient records to check that we continue to meet the highest standards of provision of care.  If you have any questions about these processes, please contact our operators.

How do we protect your data from misuse, loss and unauthorized access?

Multiple security features exist to protect your data. We have security procedures and policies to maximize restriction of access and to prevent un-authorized people from seeing your information.

All your data is encrypted when it travels between computers and when it is stored. This added security means that the data is unreadable without the appropriate authorization. In addition, all data is backed up in two additional secure locations, both within Europe, in case of an emergency (e.g. fire causing data loss on one of the data stores).

How long do we keep your data for?

There are requirements by law for us to keep you records for defined minimum periods of time in different circumstances. For example, medical records that have been sought for legal purposes must be retained for 10 years.

Dealing with us anonymously

An anonymously or under a pseudonym deal with us is impracticable.