EURO – DOC ON CALL is a complete medical service provider which offers a high quality service, being one of the largest service providers for medical house calls in Europe, at the same time we offer medical appointments arrangements and repatriation services in a tight connection with various excellent predefined medical departments.

Our company assures medical assistance Europe wide. We make ourselves known through our superior competence, remarked by efficiency, promptitude and quality orientated on our client’s demands. We strongly believe in the phrase ‘’Men sana in corpore sano’’ (Healthy mind in healthy body).

Our company debuted in 2017, and since then we built a flourishing relation between patients, doctors and our company no matter on what affections had occurred.

Our primary object is to satisfy the needs of our clients, being orientated to offer medical assistance to whomever would need it, without being compelled by the geographical location.

You can reach our competent operators via local landlines available in multiple European countries, via Whatsapp, Email or through the life chat available on our website. Our more than competent operators are here to help you and satisfy all your medical inquiries, related to the services we provide. Our operators will assist you from the first contact until the case is finalized and the requested service has been provided.  The operational team is built from highly qualified personal, which collaborate in a tight manner with our medical department in order to provide you the best services.

The creed of EURO – DOC ON CALL is based on satisfying our patients needs with highest quality, efficiency, respect and promptitude. Therefor our medical department as well as our medical providers are well qualified on different medical areas through permanent medical trainings.

Our company has a well-defined structure through well maintained, continuously updated process technology, offering specialize services, with various experience in the medical domain to cover the needs of all our customers.

Our team is 24 hours per 7 days available and we are more than glad to satisfy your request. We aim to process all our client request. Please be aware of the fact that even though we have a large medical network it may be possible that the requested service may not be processed as requested, depending on our medical providers, therefor we are continuously working on the expansion of our European medical network.


EURO – DOC ON CALL has a well-trained operational team, structured on different areas of expertise to provide quality services at the highest standards. Our multilingual team is renowned for its commitment, sense for detail, promptitude, transparency and for the ethical way of processing the most difficult demands.

Our medical team has a large experience in home medical services, medical recommendations as well additional specializations in the worldwide repatriation services.

Our operational and medical specialists work closely with our international medical network, all decisions regarding the repatriations are taken in strong collaboration with local medical departments. In this way a real time clear analyze of the patient’s situation and his ability to be transported can be made. We also organize the receivence of all medical necessary documents for the transportation, baggage and medical transport documentation.

We pay special attention to individual treatment care of every patient, and his relatives on the spot. Especially for the customers that are to be transported we offer additionally therapeutic and care measures to stabilize them for the transport.

The transport services not only include the flight according the IATA criteria, but also, if necessary, the transfer transport of the patient to the airport, check –in and baggage delivery.

As well, upon request, after arrival in the home country, we organize the transport to the desired hospital. In this way we provide continuous care and the complete transfer of medical information to the doctors in the home country.

Each service offered by EURO – DOC ON CALL is internally protocol-bonded step by step, and all medical and organizational events are properly documented and archived.

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Besides our medical team, we also own a well developed medical network dedicated to the three categories of services we provide.

For the medical house call service, we have partnerships with doctors European wide in the most important European cities and beyond. Our medical network is constantly expanding, our goal is to create the largest medical network in Europe in order honor as many requests for the medical services either at home, in specialized clinics or even repatriations.

In order to be able to offer you our services and to ensure the solidity of our services on a 24/7 basis, we have concluded besides our own medical network strategic partnerships with various healthcare companies and specialized clinics.

Our goal is to provide customer satisfaction, focusing on quality and professionalism in the services provided. The dynamism combined with the evolution of globalization determines the demand of our clients and therefor the quality of the services and the professionalism with which they are fulfilled are the essential criteria without which EURO – DOC ON CALL can not exist.

Through the communication methods used and the last generation technologies combined with our own processing and operating system, and the continuing implementation of the ‚zero error’ strategy, we increase the effectiveness, performance and satisfaction of our customers.

We also closely monitor our healthcare providers to ensure the high quality of their activity in order to ensure maximum performance and increased customer satisfaction.

EURO – DOC ON CALL is continuously searching for practitioners, private and state clinics and medical repatriation providers in order to increase our network.

You consider yourself as a well-prepared practitioner and you enjoy working on field and especially like to help people in critical situations, then join our network. The contact form can be found under following link:

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